Police Helicopter Heeds Distress Calls Made By Goat


British police said a helicopter crew investigating a report of a person calling for help discovered the sounds had actually been made by a goat. The National Police Air Service said a helicopter was dispatched Sunday to the Avon Gorge in Bristol, England, after someone called the 999 emergency number and reported hearing a person making “repeated” wailing sounds.

The NPAS tweeted the crew’s photo of the suspected “culprit” — a goat. A police spokesman told the BBC that goat calls “can be mistaken for humans in distress.” “The police appreciate the efforts of this caller as they do all callers who support their work by alerting them to incidents which they may otherwise not be made aware of,” the spokesman said.

“Reports of this nature are taken seriously in order to ensure that public safety is maintained and individuals safeguarded.” A number of goats were released into Avon Gorge in 2011 to control the growth of vegetation that poses a threat to rare wild flowers found in the area.



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