No Going Back On Sacked VCs – Minister

Adamu Adamu-PMBThe Federal Government will not rescind its decision to sack 13 Vice Chancellors appointed by the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, the Federal Government has said.
The FG last weekend announced the sacking of 12 VCs of newly established federal universities and that of the National Open Universities of Nigeria (NOUN), Prof. Vincent Tenebe.
The decision was widely criticized with some civil society groups describing the action of the federal government as illegal.
But Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, at the flag off of the 2015/2016 annual school census in Abuja on Thursday, reaffirmed the sacking of the VCs.
Asked why the VC of NOUN, whose tenure had not expired, was sacked alongside the others, the minister explained that Prof. Tenebe was removed because of the petitions against him.
He said: “Do you reverse government decision simply because somebody has criticized them? I don’t think there is any decision of government not going down well with everyone in the country.
“The ministry has received communications from some people who feel like this and we are looking at this.
“What I am saying is that they have already written to us. We are looking into their complaints. We will reply them”.



    It is a pity that some youths are dragging them selfies into the shame of these formal VCs.

    For instance,the Formal VC of the Federal University Oye and the formal minster for power,Prof. C.Nebo,looted the money allocated to the university. We will be disappointed when you visit the university.

    During the last accreditation, prof. Assuzu purchased a deck top computer for N250,000,a dip freezer for N500,000,an experimental garjet sold for N25,000 for N450,000 and eventually told the punch News paper that he spent over N 500 Million on accreditation.

    Please read the statement below for insight into the operations of prof. C.Nebo.Prof. Assuzu,Mr. Adeyemo,Mr. Obadiah and the current Bursar in the “Federal University Oye-Ekiti”

    The State of Things in FUOYE
    Lamentations unfortunately are the songs on the lips of both students and members of staff. It is regrettable to announce that the entire supposedly new buildings in FUOYE that billions of naira
    of tax-payers’ money are expended on are living on borrowed time.

    This is because the buildings have failed in the structural sense of the word, keeping students and members of staff in this deplorable condition to say the least is suicidal or an attempt
    to send innocent lives to early graves. God forbid!

    To say the least, collapses are imminent. They are there for all to see. One would be pressed to ask; where are the professional bodies of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and COREN?
    The system in FUOYE is a mockery and by extension an outright desecration of
    University administration.

    See pages 32-35, 60-85 of the attached document of the projects prices which where claimed to be done by their administration though it is crystal clear that all the projects where TETFUND
    projects which have been in existence since 2011/2012 yet they claimed that the projects were done in 2013/2014. Aside these, the costs of the projects are too alarming. For instance, the school gate was constructed at the cost of #16,954,042.57 while that of Ikole campus cost #17,233,400.78. On page 78 and 79 of the attached document, the same building was presented as LOT 12 and LOT 14 at different prices.

    The Pathetic Plight of The Members of Staff
    Furthermore, of equal importance is the pathetic plight of the members of staff who daily groan under the heavy yoke of gross underpayment and reckless denial of their rights.

    Or else how do we explain a case where some sister Federal Universities that were established at the same time who have paid their members of staff the legally entitled resettlement allowances
    as far as four years ago and FUOYE turns a blind eye to this? Does this mean that the Federal Government deliberately left out FUOYE out of this welfare package though it is contained in the regulations of service of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. Also is the non-remittance of contributing pension of most staff since 2011 that they have started the deduction.

    FUOYE’s Resettlement Allowances
    Whatever that must have happened to FUOYE’s resettlement allowances remain a subject of conjecture which Prof. Nebo (former VC), Prof Asusu; The Registrar, Mr. Adeyemo and the then Accounting officer, Mr. Obadiah will need to explain.

    The epileptic pay days of workers’ salaries are sore points in the being of the staff. For petty reasons, sometimes bordering on egoistic sentiments, while the University salary structure
    is different from other Universities in the country.

    A Call For the Intervention of The Appropriate Bodies
    The EFCC, ICPC and the Anti graft agencies are invited into these issues of FUOYE.
    To investigate Mr. Borisade of the staff cooperative society of FUOYE to account for modalities for Loan distributions amongst the members of the society and how he has successfully used this office to disburse illegal Loans to the Registrar, Mr. Adeyemo. His own Daniel now wants no other person in Borisade’s office as cooperative coordinator.

    The inputs of the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian University Commission in the atrocities committed in FUOYE should also be investigated.

    Our plea is that urgent and drastic steps should be taken to redeem this ugly prevailing situation before it gets out of hand. A stitch in time, they say saves nine.

    A purported relocation allowance was paid and just a flat sum of Two Fifty Two Thousand Naira (N252, 000:00) was paid to Senior Staff and Eight Four Thousand Naira (N84, 000:00) to the Junior Staff over a space of Three Months.

    This is contrary to the expected amount and term of payment as contained in the regulation. In the actual sense, no senior Staff is to be paid less than a million naira according to the
    regulation and the documents available to us.

    Prof. Nebo collected Nine Million; Acting Bursar, Obadiah collected Four Million; Acting Registrar, Adeyemo Two Million Naira all at once, why should other staff receive theirs in piece meal?

    The 68 technologist were just paid their accumulated hazard allowance from 2011-oct 2015 even though they claimed they have been collecting the money from Abuja since 2011. They need to explain where they have kept this money since 2011 and while other staff members are
    yet to be paid.

    We use this platform to call for the intervention of ICPC in the raised matters before things go from worse to worst.

    Cc: ICPC
    National Human Right Commission
    Minister of Education