Chris Brown Attacked By Fans, Gets Called ‘Woman Beater’

Chris brown is facing a major backlash on Twitter after slamming singer Kehlani, 20 who attempted suicide over her cheating scandal.

In Chris Brown’s opinion, the suicide attempt by Kehlani was a stunt to get her sympathy and attention.

Here is what he said:


These are a few samples of responses from twitter:



Chris Brown is a women abuser what he did to rihanna was disgusting his opinions are absolutely pointless and sexist

B.B. Manik@BBManik

If you follow Chris Brown or The Sun’s Twitter accounts, you only have yourself to blame if you end up offended.

Thomas Murphy@thommurph

Chris Brown is just a good, stand-up guy. Well done Mrs Brown for raising him.


The fact that Chris Brown still has a career after abusing a woman like he did is the most disgusting thing on earth to me

Tina M@tina_blackrose

I suddenly don’t feel bad about all the pirated Chris Brown songs I have on my playlist


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