Yunusa, Ese’s Parents To Blame For Teen’s Ordeal, Says Bayelsa Hausa Community

ese oruru1

The Chairman of Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Bayelsa State chapter, Nuhu Ibrahim, has said the parents of 14-year-old Ese Oruru, the teenager who allegedly eloped with her purported lover, Yunusa Yellow, to Kano where she was kept away from her family and allegedly married him, also deserve some blame for her ordeal.

Mr. Ibrahim said that the incident had exposed lapses at various stages but regretted that fingers were being pointed at only one direction.

“What Yunusa did was very bad and condemnable, I married from Bayelsa and my wife is from here. We have been living together peacefully for a very long time until this unfortunate incident, we should not allow this sad incident to tear us apart.

“As leaders of the Hausa Community we were not happy with what happened and we worked to see that things did not get out of hand and we thank God that she is back.

“This incident shows that there is need for everyone to brace up to their responsibilities, all hands are pointing at Yunusa and no one is looking at the lapses on the parts of others.

“The parents have their blame as well as all others that had one role or the other to play in all these, I also did my own investigations before briefing the National Headquarters of the ACF in Kaduna on this matter.

“Yunusa was not a stranger to the Orurus, he is well known to them and that brings the issue of parental care and vigilance which is lacking in our society today”, Mr. Ibrahim said.

The Arewa leader said that rather than trade blames, all parties in the matter should close ranks to assist the victim and take steps and brace up to forestall re-occurrence as well as strengthen protection of minors in the society.

He assured that the leadership of the Hausa community in Bayelsa would continue to promote peaceful coexistence amongst different ethnic groups in the state.


  1. There is no justification for a 25 years old Yinusa to woo , elope with, forcefully marry and then defile a girl half his age. This whole episode has in fact been under-reported so as to hide the ugly narrative that northerners/muslims have concerning forced conversions and under-aged marraiges…the Emir is not only a traditional ruler but also an islamic scholar-a seasoned one @ that. How come he was so complacent in this case? He should have outrightly instructed that Ese be handed over to the parents of the girl immediately instead of refering the case to the Sharia council.. What about other cases that have come up in Sokoto and bauchi? They all point to the fact that this illegality is a common occourance among muslims/northerners.

    • @zainab….Ur the biggest fool for trying to justify this abominable act of yunusa….To show you the parents are responsible they knew their daughter had gone missing that day the act was committed.kidnapping is a crime simple…Besides we from the south allow our children to mature before we send them off for marriage

  2. Zainab be guided.
    Why support such an ugly incident, is it because you are a Muslim, if somebody should do that to your child will you be happy? Always think very well before you put out things in the public domain