6 Things Any Nigerian Whose Parents Are Divorced Can Totally Understand

When married people decide to call it quits, it is usually not the fault of the kids but the kids almost end up bearing the burnt. Anyone with divorced parents always have to deal with a lot which people who are not in that kind of situation will never understand. Wondering what they go through/, INFORMATION NIGERIA highlights 6 of them here…

Being an only child; The divorced parents would have had more kids and given you more sibling but they decided they couldn’t stand each other anymore so they called it quit and there you are with no brother or sister.

Get siblings; Since you couldn’t get sibling from your parents, then you make your uncles and aunts’ children your brothers and sisters. If that proves abortive, then you next sure bet is your best friend or boy/girl friend.

Different last names; When your divorced mom decides, she has found another Mr Right, marries him and takes his name, that means you would no longer have the same name as your mom – and that really sucks.

Impossible step parents; Then the people they decide to marry turn out to be total jerks, intentionally making your life a living hell but you have to deal with it because you can’t afford a place of your own yet or you’re just too young to live alone.

Bae’s parents wahala; When you come up age and decide to marry and your would be parents in-law give you the stare, the moment you mention that your parents are divorced and in their head, they are wondering if you wouldn’t do same with their child, you know what they are thinking but you keep calm and fake a smile.

History again; Then you’re finally married, you get angry and act irrationally or refused to forgive your spouse, people remind you where you are coming from like ‘don’t let history repeat itself again’. Its like your constant living in the shadow of your parents divorce.

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