Caroline Danjuma is suicidal?!? Read the very sad poem she posted on Instagram


Veteran Nollywood star, Caroline Danjuma might be heading down a very rough road in her life at the moment.

The cause of this would obviously be her husband’s unrepentant philandering lifestyle which has constantly cause her embarrassment in the media.

Just last week, the actress’ hubby Musa Danjuma, was caught having a romantic dinner date with a light-skinned transgender woman he allegedly flew in from the US to Nigeria.


The embarrassing pictures were splashed out online and Caroline made a weak attempt at defending the father of her three children – claiming she knows about his insatiable sexual lifestyle but chooses to live and remain with him because she still cares for him.

This is not the first or tenth time Mr Danjuma has been caught out and about with other women.

Two months ago, news leaked that he was expecting a baby with one of his many mistresses, Mya, a light-skinned female based in the UK.

As it is now, it appears Caroline may have had it up to her jaws with her husband.

Below is the sad poem she posted on her Instagram today: –


I met a woman
On a bridge.
On a ledge.
On the edge.
Of love and light.
Of day and night.
Of life.
And I asked her for advice.
And she said.
Some will hurt you a lot.
Some will hurt you a little.
Some will hurt you on the outside.
Some will hurt you in the middle.
But you will heal.
Some will waste your money.
Others, your time.
The worse; both.
But at the end of the rope there’s hope.
So you’ll be fine.
You must.
Or you’ll bust.
And from the tears in her eyes,
I knew.
She was finished.
She jumped.
Died falling.
Died from falling
A life story that could never be worth applauding.
Or could it.
Maybe, if I told her story.
Gave her death some glory.
Then maybe God will see her as a martyr and have mercy.
She’ll show up the gates,
soaking wet.
Covered in water and regret
And when he asks her why she jumped,
She’ll tell him she was thirsty.
And they will laugh.
And he will forgive her for her sin.
And let her in.
Because her only flaw was loving hard. Wanted rock. Wound up sinking.
No preserver.
Death certificate says suicide.
I call it murder.
And he’ll get away with it.
But this isn’t a reality show.
Because sometimes
When you’re in love,
The reality goes.
And you’re standing there.
In a bunch of feelings you didn’t even know you had,
And part of you is going to want to yell “Dad!”. But you can’t because you’re grown.
And you should have never brought him home.
In the first place.
I know it hurts,
Just make it to your birthday’.
It’s taking longer to heal than it should have.
Think about the kind of man you could have.
If it were supposed to work it would have.
Disappointment are accidental.
Healing is on purpose.
So before you fall into the darkness
Pull back the curtains.
You must make the rest of you life,
The best of your life.
If you hope to have any life at all.
So remember this woman the next time you fall,
I met a woman
On a bridge.
On a ledge.
On the edge.
Of love and light.
Of day and night.
Of life.
And she asked me for advice.
And I told her,
Heavy is the head of a woman who carries her crown.
And when love leaves you in unfamiliar territory,
It is much easier



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