6 Types of Workers You Would Find In A Nigerian Company


It was workers day a couple of days ago in Nigeria and every where across the world. But the question is what kind worker are we in Nigeria? It is based on this that INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the 6 types of workers you would find in a Nigeria company.

The end of the Month workers: These group of workers have no passion  for whatever job they are doing. The do it just because of the end of the month package.

The overzealous ones: These ones are so ambitious they put in their best on their job.

The ones who do not add any value to the company: These one are in  the company just like they are receiving their pension. They wont do anything all day.

The selfie freaks: These ones would snap with everything they are doing and upload on their page. They may even turn their colleagues to photographer if given the chance.

The informants: These league of workers are the ones who would spy on their colleagues, eavesdrop on conversations and go give the MD feedback.

The Notice mes/eye service: These ones would suddenly become a super worker on noticing the presence of their superior even when they did not do any before the superior comes in.