7 Kinds of People You Would Find In A Beer Parlour In Nigeria


With beer parlour seen at every nook and crannies of Nigeria and the trend not slowing down even with the present economic situation of the country.Then one keeps wondering about the kind of people that goes to a beer parlour even when the economy is experiencing a down turn.INFORMATION NIGERIA brings to you in this piece 7 kinds of people you are likely to find in a beer parlour.

The ones who would almost buy the whole stock: These ones are known as the chairmen. They would declare surplus at any bar parlour they enter even when most of them find it difficult to drop upkeep money for their wives at home.

The ones who would come to scout for people who would declare surplus: These group of people would not buy a single bottle of beer with their money. Rather they would come there hoping to find somebody who would declare surplus.

The one who would go there for there just because of the bar parlour owner’s daughter: These ones would buy a bottle of beer hoping to be able to talk to the bar parlour owner’s daughter

The ones bottle groover: These league of people would romance just one bottle of bottles for hours when their mates are almost taking a carton.They would be seen arguing from politics to sport and so on

The real buzzer: These ones would take alcohol like they are taking water. They would keep ordering for the drink and one gets to wonder where they are pouring the drink.

The half bottle filled: These league are known to get drunk almost as soon as they open the beer. Then they would start talking loud and ones would ask the question ”what has he taken?

The by force drinker: These league of drinker are usually the most composed. They would leave their home knowing the number of bottles each person would drink and they would then contribute the money and hand over to one person to pay simply because they do want it to look real like they are a team and that only one person is paying for their buzz when in the real sense each person is paying for whatever he takes. In another case, they would gather the money without any body noticing when they are about to pay according to what each of them takes.

which group do you belong???