The 5 Types of English Speakers In Nigeria


It is not uncommon to come across different types of English speakers in Nigeria. While some are good at playing with words, some have difficulties putting pen to paper.INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece bring to you 5 types of English speakers in Nigeria.


The eloquent speakers;This league of people are so good with playing with words some of them are referred to as orators.

Patience Jonathan

The shellers;You do not want to have a conversation with this league of people as they can not construct a single sentence without breaking the leg of grammar.




The Careful ones;These ones have their sentences edited from the heart over and over before they talk. They are usually slow to response as they want to be very sure of what they are saying. You would find them using ‘ehm’ or ‘you know’ in their sentence often.


The better writers; These league of people write better than they speak.

The paradoxical speaker; I term them the paradoxical speaker because they speak very good and at times with a very good accent but they have difficulties in writing what they speak on paper.

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