Why We Raised The Motion to Pay Nigerian Teachers – Senate

Today, the Nigerian senate passed a Motion on the Non-Payment of Teacher’s Salaries Across the Country. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 6 reasons why they rose to the occasion.

1.The Senate passed a Motion on the Non-Payment of Teacher’s Salaries Across the Country because in many States of the Federation, for upwards of 5 months, teachers have not been paid.

2,The Senate says it is disturbed about the fact that due to the severe economic downturn across the nation, the welfare of many of our teachers have been neglected.

3.A situation they fear could lead to the mass exodus of our teachers from the educational sector – which would in turn create a situation whereby there will be fewer teachers in our classrooms to attend to our children.

4.Therefore, the Senate resolved to urge the Federal Government to immediately enter into negotiations with states and come up with an effective and comprehensive scheme to address this emergency, which will be presented to the National Assembly for consideration and approval.

5.Additionally, they asked the Federal Government to send the National Assembly a supplementary budget that would enable the transfer of funds to address this pressing issue.

6.The Senate has also urged the 36 States of the Federation to immediately adopt and implement a priority expenditure scheme that puts the payment of teachers’ salaries at the same level as public security spending in order to ensure this doesn’t happen in future.