Boko Haram Members Fleeing To Europe – UK Report


According to a UK report, security forces have warned that thousands of Nigerian refugees indoctrinated in Boko Haram camps are heading to Europe’s shores as a famine intensifies.

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The report claims that Britain has committed to spending £860 million in foreign aid to Nigeria to help support the country’s efforts to crush Boko Haram.

The report also states that human traffickers from the ISIS-backed terror group are transporting girls and young men across the Sahara into Libya.

Some trained suicide bombers and militants are heading for Europe while others are travelling to fight for Islamic State in Syria.

They will soon start showing up on the Mediterranean’s shores,” a source linked to Nigeria’s National Intelligence Agency said.

Some of these people are trained suicide bombers and fighters, including children as young as ten. They have all been indoctrinated by Boko Haram and they could soon turn up in Europe’s capitals.

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