Over 1KG Of Hairball Removed From Woman’s Stomach

A hairball weighing over 1 kilogram has been removed from a woman’s stomach, reports suggest.

Jasmin Percival, 23, has a habit of sucking and chewing on her hair since she was a child.

As soon as I had a full head of hair, I always had a lock stuffed in my mouth,” said Jasmin.

When she was 14, she started to suffer excruciatingly painful stomach aches. Jasmin was in so much agony that her mum Sarah took her to see her doctor.

After several trips, Jasmin was finally diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But the pains didn’t go away and, one night, two years later, Jasmin woke herself up screaming in pain.

Her mum rushed her to A&E (accident and emergency) where they carried out a scan. Nothing could have prepared them for what the doctors found.

The stabbing feeling Jasmin was experiencing in her stomach was down to a giant monster ball of hair weighing over 1 kilogram. The scared teen was given an epidural and the mass was removed by Caesarean.

Jasmin Percival
The removed hairball

Luckily, Jasmin made a full recovery, but still can’t get over the shock of what was in her stomach.