Couple Parks Car In Living Room To Protect It From Hurricane

A couple in the US has decided to park their car in their living room as Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida’s coast.

The hurricane which brings along with it dangerous winds and flooding which cause devastation of properties has made a couple in Miami to take matters into their own hands. The couple in a bid to protect their car parked it in their living room.

55-year-old Adriana and her fiance, Gary, were bracing for the worst on Thursday, as Miami-Dade County cancelled school for the rest of the week and officials urged residents to evacuate.

The widow who lives in a condo in Miami, planned to ride out the storm with Gary, also a widower, and his teenage daughter in his house further south in the city.

But Adriana knew there wouldn’t be room for her Toyota Venza in Gary’s one-car garage that already housed his vehicle. Worried about leaving Adriana’s practically brand new silver sedan outside in the potentially dangerous weather, Gary came up with a rather wild idea.

He wanted to put my car in a safe place,” said Adriana. That ”safe place” she was referring to happens to be Gary’s living room.

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Gary removed the glass sliding doors leading into the living room from the back of his house and drove Adriana’s car into the backyard.

Adriana helped guide her fiance from outside as he drove her car up two steel ramps and through the opening into the room. Gary’s 17-year-old daughter, Sofia Andrea, helped guide her dad from inside the house as well.

PHOTO: Miami resident Adriana wanted to protect her car from Hurricane Matthew as it approached Floridas coast. But with no room in his one-car garage, Adrianas fiance decided to put her car in the living room, Oct. 6, 2016.

Adriana told ABC News that they had to move some furniture in the room in order to fit the vehicle.

It was kind of crazy, but it worked perfectly,” she said with a laugh. “It took teamwork.”

67-year-old Gary also said, “I was just trying to protect her car”.

Fortunately, Miami-Dade County was spared the worst of the storm. Mayor Carlos Gimenez cancelled the tropical storm warning Thursday night.