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I am not a religious kinda person; though I almost ended up a priest because of too much religion at that time. I think religion has nothing to do with survival.  kinda believe in God, but I don’t believe in religion. I don’t need religion to know God. I think religion is mankind’s way of mumurizing mumu’s.
Talk about our churches, come and see fakeness dressed in three piece suit and a Jerry curled hair.
Too much fakeness swimming in Nigeria today. From fake marriages, fake friendships, fake lovers, to fake leaders, fake pastors, fake parents, fake judges, fake breasts, fake pussies, fake dicks, fake politicians,leaders, fake products everywhere, oh my world! It’s like most of the things in Nigeria today are just fake. Kai… Chineke.
Most Naija Christians are a bunch of sorry ass fakers. We pray as though we were the most prayerful set of people on the face of the earth yet our hearts belongs to Babylon.
Na so dem go sidon dey look God face to do for them that which ability would have accomplished. For sermons, our fake pastors preach about miracles and breakthroughs. Our fake youths now believe that through miracles and breakthroughs, a person can get something out of nothing.
Haba, Haba, Haba… Mumu thinking, You wan reap where you no sow?
Christianity has become magic and fake youths are eating it up. 
See how the fake Mumu congregations celebrate symbols of instant success like the riffraffs in leadership who looted us into poverty; the scammers; the 419s; the thieves in the Banking sector and MMM devotees. 
What a goddamn shame that this is the type of success messages you hear from the Pulpit of different churches.
On my fucking Pulpit, I call it like I see it!
You don’t need any fucking pastor’s blessing to make it in life. The shout of “I receive it!” alone is not enough to bless you for that week. The shout of “Amen!” no matter how loud, doesn’t make God to fulfill any of your selfish wishes. No anointing oil, speaking in tongues, dry fasting, casting and binding can produce miracles where you haven’t worked for it.
“Nigeria is a prayer loving, God-fearing nation”… Fuck that shit!
We are a country with a lot of fake-punk-assholes prancing around like Christians.
It’s me Charly and I am tripping on the Pulpit.
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