I’m not dead! Lanre Gentry tells Mercy Aigbe in father’s day rant

Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Mr. Lanre Gentry, has queried the sense behind his wife’s ambassadorial role for widows when he was still very much alive.

Mr. Gentry, who apparently was missing his son, who is in his run away wife’s custody, bared his troubled mind on the gram today, while blaming the apparatus of government for having a hand in destroying his relationship with his wife.

He wrote, “Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there!!! May we be known always as the hero in our kids lives.

“And to government who indirectly and directly separates homes; shows what a good government we have. Makes me wonder why someone will take up being a widow ambassador when her husband isn’t dead.”

It will be recalled that shortly after the messy separation from her husband, Mercy Aigbe, was appointed as an ambassador for widows by an organisation working to stop the maltreatment of widows in Nigeria.

Lanre Gentry has now vented his disapproval of his wife representing widows while he (her husband) was alive and well.


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