12-year-old Schoolboy R*ped His Own Sister During A Game

A little boy has been found out to have s*xually assaulted his own sister at their home during a game of hide and seek.
A mere 12-year-old schoolboy is accused of s*xually assaulting his four-year-old half sister during a game of hide and seek, a court heard.
According to Daily Star UK, the anguished mother of the girl broke down in tears as she told the court how her daughter revealed her harrowing account of the alleged abuse.
She said her daughter was having a bath when she accused her brother of r*ping her while “playing hide and seek”, judges heard.
The boy, who is now aged 13, is alleged to have given the girl Skittles in a bid to bribe her into silence, it is claimed.
The mum told Brighton Magistrates, how her daughter, now aged five, used a doll to show where her brother had allegedly abused her.
Her half brother has denied two counts of rape and sexual assault, said to have taken place between January and August last year.
Describing her daughter’s confession, the mum told the court: “She said to me ‘Mummy I want to tell you something’. She didn’t normally say things with such an introductory manner.
“She wanted to tell me. It was something important to her. She said it happened while they were playing hide and seek.
“She said she didn’t like it and didn’t want to do it.
“Afterwards I put her to bed and cuddled her and told her she was a very brave girl for telling Mummy.
“That was the only time they had played hide and seek on the stairs unsupervised.” The youth court hearing, held at Brighton Magistrates’ Court, East Sussex, was told the alleged offences happened between January and August last year.
After the girl’s initial disclosure, she divulged further details about a week later – and said the boy gave her sweets to keep quiet.
Her mother said: “She said he offered her sweeties to do this. She said she didn’t like it but she liked the sweeties.
“I said to her liking sweeties was perfectly all right but he should never have offered her sweets to do something like that.
“She was clearly disgusted. She said ‘he made me like Skittles’. She was clearly cross about that.
“She said ‘don’t tell him’ because he had told her not to say anything. I said to her ‘why didn’t you tell Mummy?’ and she said ‘he told me not to’.
“She told me it had happened a thousand times. She doesn’t understand exactly what a thousand means, but it means many.”
The mother said her daughter and half brother – who would visit their home every couple of weeks – had previously had a good relationship, and “he seemed to care about her”.
She added: “Then suddenly she kept saying ‘I don’t like him’, that he was cheating her – but that was her language at the time for teasing.
“She stopped looking forward to his visits.”
After her daughter’s confession, she told the children’s father, then called the NSPCC who contacted the police on her behalf.
The court heard how the boy’s mum and dad had refused to engage with social services in an attempt to seek an alternative way of dealing with his behaviour.
The trial was adjourned and will continue in August.

Source: Tori