Shina Peller under pressure

Boss of popular Lagos hangout C, Shina Peller, is getting to know the truth in the saying that there is no hiding place for a gold fish, especially a wealthy gold fish that is also loved by the people. He is currently engaged in a game of cat and mouse with members of his constituency in Oyo State, who have been on his heels to contest for an elective office.

The first son of the late popular ventriloquist, Professor Peller, Shina is feeling serious heat from his people in Iseyin, Oyo State. The Aquila Records boss has been told in no uncertain terms that his people are banking on him to bring further glory to their community by running for and capturing an elective post.

The thinking seems to be that Shina, who is much loved on account of his numerous initiatives in Iseyin, would do more if he had access to the huge resources that come with elective office. It remains to be seen if the popular king of night life will buckle under the pressure and succumb to his people’s wish.

source: Thenation


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