Huddah Monroe explains why she stopped flaunting her cars on the Gram

Huddah Monroe, a kenyan socialite and Former Big Brother Africa housemate, has explained why she now shows off her cars and material possession less on Instagram while also revealing what her focus is now on.

The Kenyan socialite said her values used to be on her cars, hence she showed it off a lot so strangers would applaud her. But she’s changed and her focus is now on leaving a legacy.

Read what she said below ;

My first car at 21 was a Range Rover that I turned PINK… Pink defines the Huddah Brand… My second car was a Range Rover Evoque, 3rd car an Audi Q7 all because i thought cars defined my value… and mainly for the GRAM! For strangers to applaud me LMFAO!!!!

Ladies and Gens, Everything you want is in your mind!!! What you think you become

Now it’s funny I don’t want to even take photos with or next to my car.. Incredible how the older you get the more thins LOSE VALUE… The focus is now on something ELse.. tO LEAVE A LEGACY.. May God lead the way, protect us from all EVIL. May he give us Good Health, Strength, and 100 more years to accomplish our mission…. Goodnight Kings

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