What the Trending South African Song “Malwedhe” Actually Means (VIdeo)

A new song “Malwedhe”  from South African, King Monada, has the whole country falling in the name of dance.

Malwedhe (which loosely translates to fainting in Khelobhedu) is about how fainting can be caused by matters of the heart.

Not only does the beat go in, the lyrics instruct the listener on what exactly needs to be done to dance to the song.

In the mid-tempo song he sings: I have an illness. When you date me, don’t play about dumping me. I am susceptible / likely to faint. If you cheat, I will faint. If you don’t give me money, I will faint. If you don’t come home, I will faint. If you switch off your phone, I faint.