The Healing School is Thriving Thanks to Christ Embassy’s CEO Pastor Deola Phillips

Pastor Chris expresses gratitude and admiration for Pastor Deola Phillips, Director of The Healing School, for helping him share the healing powers of God.

Pastor Deola Phillips is highly accomplished and is an asset to LoveWorld and Christ Embassy. At a young age, Pastor Deola has become the Director of The Healing School, Lagos Zone 5, Manager of International School of Ministry and the CEO of Christ Embassy. Such achievements have led her to be an integral part of the great labour of the Healing School.

Assisting Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Deola seeks to guide those worshipers who attend the session in attaining health and healing from the chronic illnesses they suffer from. In fact, Pastor Deola has worked as the right-hand woman of Pastor Chris. She has played an essential role in The Healing School sessions that have helped thousands suffering from illness discover the path of God and wellness.

Pastor Deola’s Devotion

Her journey started in 1985 when she was born again, discovering the power and glory of our saviour, Jesus Christ.  Pastor Phillips was born into a Christian household, but her faith and conviction has continued to grow through her work with Pastor Chris. She has devoted 28 years to sharing the power The Lord, The Holy Spirit and Christ. She has a special affinity to the healing of the body and the mind through the Power of God. With her involvement in The Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips works with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to give hope to those in need and to cure them of chronic diseases, changing their lives.

The highly anticipated Healing School happens twice a year in two different locations. It consists of several sessions sharing the word of the Lord, our saviour Jesus Christ and the Bible with followers of Christ Embassy.  Worshipers can attend the healing session free of the chart if they can prove that they are suffering from a terrible illness. Proof of the illnesses include prescriptions, doctors notes and other supporting evidence. Once the worshipers attend the event, they receive the healing power of God transmitted through Pastor Chris.

Both Pastor Deola and Pastor Chris believe in the divine and miraculous restorative powers of God and our saviour Jesus Christ to help those in need. On many occasions, Pastor Chris has healed those who can’t walk, those who can’t see or hear and even those who have been possessed by demons. Hundreds of examples and videos exhibit the power Pastor Chris and Pastor Phillips have and how they use this power for the greater good, sharing the divine power of God with the attendees.

Sharing the Powerful Word of God

In addition to the healing sessions, attendees receive illuminating lessons on the Word of the Lord through the teachings of both Pastor Deola and Pastor Chris. Through the different sessions, Pastor Deola makes sure that the worshipers accept salvation through Jesus Christ and welcome the power of Christ into their lives.

In the opening session, Pastor Deola gave a heartwarming speech honouring Pastor Chris and his work for God. Past attendees of The Healing School have attested to the power of Pastor Deola’s speeches as part of the healing process. Pastor Deola bestows blessings upon worshipers, leading them to a path guided by the Holy Spirit to a healthy and prosper life.

Pastor Deola serves as the CEO of the Christ Embassy and will continue to assist Pastor Chris in sharing his healing message to followers all over the world. Pastor Chris and Pastor Deola are devoted to working together to make The Healing School the best it can be and help as many people as possible reach the path of God, the teachings of the Holy Spirit and to live the healthy life they deserve.