Why are Nigerians always the first to condole with the Western World when tragedy occurs? Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has made a passionate appeal to both the government and the people of Nigeria, to stop giving the impression that foreign lives are more important than those of Nigerians.

This was obviously in reaction to the recent killings of Muslim worshippers in a mosque in New Zealand by white extremists.

Ben Bruce in his statement on Friday, accused Nigerians of being silent most of the time, when fellow Nigerians are brutally murdered in cold blood but rush to give condolences when it happens in the Western world.

He says this give the impression that foreign lives are more valuable that the lives of Nigerians.

He wrote via Twitter thus:

I want to make an appeal to leaders and ordinary citizens. When tragedy occur in Nigeria, we are often silent. But when they occur abroad, we are often the first to condole. Perhaps we are not aware that in doing so, we project that foreign lives are more valuable than our lives.

Nigerians must understand that our value as a people and a nation, is tied to the value that we give to Nigeria. If we price ourselves so cheaply, we can’t expect others to raise the price we set on ourselves. It is up to us and only us to project value for Nigeria and Nigerians.