CAN criticise Christian Elders Forum over Buhari’s visit

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)  has lambasted the National Christian Elders’ Forum (NCEF) over the comment of the group on CAN’s congratulatory visit to President Muhammadu Buhari.

NCEF had disassociated itself from the visit, claiming that it is ‘sub-judice’ since the winner of the election will be determined in court.

However, CAN’s Director of Legal and Public Affairs, Mr. Samuel Kwamkur, in a statement, said NCEF had no moral justification to question the actions of CAN since the group had been renounced by CAN in 2018.

Kwamkur said, “It is getting to one year now since CAN disassociated itself from the activities of NCEF. The decision to visit President Buhari is not supposed to be with their knowledge since they are not part of CAN.

“CAN has disbanded NCEF and they have no reason to join issues with CAN. If CAN is going right, they will go left. CAN has no business with the elders forum on this matter.

“Most of the leaders of CAN were in that team who went to see President Buhari. The five blocs constituting CAN were fully represented by the leaders of the blocs.

“We visited Buhari as a constituted body, not a political party, neither do we share political interest as an association. We work with the authority that be and if Independent National Election Commission, INEC, is the constituted authority with the mandate to conduct elections and declare the winner, what reasons do we have to say no to it?”

It means we are been partisan, if we go against the decision of INEC

Christians are advised to respect authorities. The bible did not say respect the leaders that love you or behave well to you. There is no condition to that admonition in the bible. If you read our speech to President Buhari, we stated that we visited because INEC has declared him winner.

“There is nothing wrong with the opposition going to court. In fact, we appreciate the moves to avoid crisis after election. If the court later decided in favour of the opposition, CAN will also go and congratulate the person again. We have also taken decision to see the opposition and share with them to encourage the rightful moves

“We have been confronting this administration with the truth. How can the elders forum want to summon the CAN president and direct him on what to do? It is not proper.”


Source: Vanguard


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