EPIC: Man swindles police officer of thousands of Naira

EPIC: Man swindles police officer of thousands of Naira

A young Nigerian whose name has been given as Ugochukwu Loveday has been nabbed for allegedly impersonating the Acting Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, in a bid to defraud unsuspecting Nigerian Police officers seeking promotions

The Nation reports that the man Loveday posed as the IGP and defrauded a couple of unsuspecting members of the public.

Loveday was arrested alongside a Taxi driver, Ugochukwu Ohia, who is said to be his accomplice in the fraud business.

The suspects were  arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team, IRT, after a police oficer fell victim.

The officer whose name was given as Shuiabu Semion was defrauded of the sum of N800,000 with claims that he would have his contract of supplying gas to the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), renewed. The contract was terminated in the year, 2002.

The Imo State-born suspect, went on to reveal that he is married with a kid and started his illegal at by first posting photos of DIG Peace Igbokwe on Facebook to defraud people and he went on to charge between N70,000 to 60,000 for people who wanted peacekeeping missions jobs and N200,000 for policemen seeking promotions.

He said he would give the name ACP Luka Abraham, with the phone number 08098306171 as the officer call for negotiation, a person he also played.  After negotiations, he would then send an account with the name Sunday Aduyikodu and account number 2083471724for payment to be made.

Loveday added that after the DIG retired, he opened another account with the photograph of  IGP Abubakar Adamu on January 23, before he was eventually caught.