Beggar at day, prostitute at night, this video of young cocaine addict, will leave you sad

Video: Watch the emotional video of a teenager cocaine addict prostitutes to feed her addiction

Pastor Rapu, a popular humanitarian who helps drug addicts fight their addictions and overcome, has shared the sad story of Lizz, a 26-year-old girl.

Lizzy had taken to begging for alms at day and prostitution at night to fuel her crack addiction, which was introduced to her by an ex-boyfriend.

Pastor Rapu wrote:

We visited Ipodo this afternoon, a dilapidated and degraded community in the heart of Ikeja.

Our visit was to rescue 26-year-old Lizzy from the clutches of her captors; the drug sellers and pimps who feed her drug habit from the proceeds of prostitution and other vices.

This is the story of Lizzy who has been begging on the streets of Lagos especially in the Ikeja area for seven years. Dressed in a way to attract sympathy, she begs for money in the busy traffic during the day. At night she resorts to commercial sex work, all in a bid to fund her drug addiction.

We took Lizzy off the streets last week to begin her long journey of rehabilitation and hopefully, successful integration back to a normal and productive life.

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