Nigeria – For the Love of Sports

As a nation, Nigeria is undoubtedly passionate when it comes to sports. Although football takes the lead as a favourite, whenever there is an international competition of importance in any sport, Nigerians are curious and enthusiastic about watching the games.

With sports betting legal across the country, Nigerians enjoy an abundance of opportunities to make money off sporting events. However, they hold a particular liking towards games played in the UK. Football dominates the UK sporting scene, in addition to which cricket, tennis, rugby, and horse racing make for excellent options to bet on.

Although there are sports gambling sites in Nigeria, many punters prefer to gamble in the UK to match the particular sports they love so much. Betting sites UK provide their customers with better customer care, more extensive coverage of games, secure payment options, and overall ease of making a bet. Moreover, they offer an abundance of promotional offers ranging from free bets and enhanced odds to no-deposit bets and money back bonuses.

This is crucial because though sports betting is one of the “safer” forms of betting around as it is based on genuine knowledge of the sports and of the teams and players, betting is obviously always at least somewhat dependant on luck and knowing the ins and outs of the betting mechanisms themselves. Making use of such offers helps to ease a person into the daunting world of sports betting. More importantly, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that the sites you use to bet on any game are reputable because you don’t want to win big on your favourite team only to find out that the site in question is a complete scam.

It is no surprise then that Nigerians eagerly wait for various competitions that come with the promise of making massive profits in addition to the thrill and joy of watching players and teams in action. 2019 is no different and will host some genuinely spectacular contests that should not be missed by bettors at any cost.

Premier League

The ultimate English football competition, the Premier League, is proving to be quite the nail biter as we move towards the finals. Manchester City remains the dominant force, winning matches, and leading the points table. Listed at 3/8 odds, they are by far a favourite with the bookmakers. Tottenham, who at one point were gearing up to challenge the frontrunners have fallen back after their loss against Southampton, Chelsea, and Burnley FC. The closest competitors of Manchester City right now are Liverpool with 5/2 odds and Arsenal, listed at 1500/1, but only if they can go on to win all of their remaining matches.  

UEFA Nations League

Football lovers in Nigeria will be happy to know that this year sees the inauguration of the Nations League.  The tournament has been in play since late 2018, but the finals will take place in Portugal this June. The final four teams are already known and comprise of host nation Portugal, in addition to England, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The semi-finals will see England take on the Netherlands with 6/5 odds for England to win. On the other side, Portugal is clearly expected to win over Switzerland. With Cristiano Ronaldo setting new records, this is an excellent opportunity to bet on Portugal. The odds at present are at 4/6 for their win, and right now is the best time to make the most of this option. Also, don’t forget to check all the welcome bonuses and promotional offers to sweeten this deal even further.  


An equally thrilling sport, but a lot less grand, is tennis. Four main tennis events take place around the world every year. Among these, Wimbledon is the most popular and watched completion. The contest sees the best players in tennis battle it out on grass courts, attended by commoners and celebrities alike. This year, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are listed at 9/2 and 9/1 odds to win the men’s single, whereas bookmakers have Serena Williams at 4/1 odds for a win in the women’s final.