Nigerians Attack Police Chief, Yomi Shogunle Over Comments On Prostitutes clampdown in Abuja

Nigerians Throw Insult At Police Chief, Yomi Shogunle, Over His Comment On clampdown on prostitutes in Abuja

Nigerians have taken to their Twitter handle to throw insults at the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Yomi Shogunle following his comment on the clampdown on prostitutes in Abuja.

Yomi Shogunle in his statement said:

“Those making noise on d clampdown on prostitutes in Abuja; Prostitution is: •a crime under d law •a sin under the 2main religions of FCT residents •Medicine says Prostitution is spreading HIV&STD •is a lifeline of violent criminals •Prostitutes don’t pay tax •Nigeria culture frowns at Prostitution.

Nigerians while reacting to his comment have said he is clueless and an example of how nobody is accountable in the country.