Foreigner orders soldiers In Lagos to beat young lady

Foreigner orders soldiers In Lagos to beat young lady

The Lagos state police command has arrested a foreigner by the name George Soare after he reportedly ordered soldiers in Lagos to beat a young lady.

According to reports, George who has since been remanded in prison ordered that the soldiers beat the young lady who has been identified as Diva, following an alleged misunderstanding with his wife.

Reports also have it that Diva wasn’t the person who had an issue with Soare’s Nigerian wife. The couple lives at 5, Falilat Shomade street, Lekki home. It has been revealed that it is the couple’s neighbour, who Diva had come to visit, that in fact, had issues with the wife.

Other neighbours during investigations revealed that Soare’s wife enjoyed pouring water on them whenever she had a dispute and the lady reacted on that day as she had had enough.

Soares, however, tried to take sides with his wife and got four soldiers in to flog the neighbour, but when they met her absence, descended on Diva who had only come to visit.

Diva was then taken away and warned against reporting the assault or she gets killed.

However, Diva was taken to the hospital by neighbors who had witnessed the inhumane treatment. They later reported the case at the police station.

Reports have it that Soares was brought before a law court on Thursday and has since been remanded in Ikoyi Prison, until Diva recovers.

Government and some NGOs are said to be interested in the case as they want to ensure justice is served.