‘My marriage may not last up to a month’ – Cossy Ojiakor

Nollywood actress and video vixen Cossy Ojaikor has shared her fear about marriage during an interview with Sunnews.

According to the busty actress, she fears that her marriage may not last up to a month.

On if she is scared of marriage, the actress said;

I am not scared of marriage. However, if it is somebody that is crazy enough to like someone like me; that would be great! But then, I am not that kind of person that is really into the love thing. I cut-off easily, so I don’t know if I get married it is going to last a month, unless the guy is f**king crazy and good to go.

There was a time I had a boyfriend. I was cool with this dude and he wasn’t even giving me plenty money and all that. One day, a man just came into the house and was like ‘oh, this girl? You will not marry her-o’. I was angry and was like ‘who the hell wants to marry your son?’


  1. imaging, a shrew that is hiding from been picked up by a hawk, the question is; has the hawk accepted to pick up the shrew?
    your marriage will not last for more than one month, has any guy agreed to marry you?

  2. Cossy is a retired opeke crying for cheap popularity. O girl stop talking bcos the young babes without pankake are all over. The old ones like u should marry grandpas not promising young men. Pls go and sleep and allow social media to rest.