“Pastor, StepDown” – Adesua Etomi, Akah Nnani, others ask Pastor Fatoyinbo to step down

Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi has asked Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo to step down as Head pastor, COZA.

Recall yesterday, the pastor was outed by Busola Dakolo who claimed that he had raped her at her mom’s home at the age of 16.

Adesua wrote on social media;

The law is in place for a reason. Till this issue is handled, till these allegations are investigated, till the law takes it’s full course, there should be no sermon on that pulpit from him. Someone else can preach for now. What is right is right.

The actress was also joined by Akah Nnani who asked that the pastor steps down.

He wrote;

” This issue has been addressed by the senior pastor. Pastor has said he never raped anyone in his life. Good! Praise God. Now what next? Dear @biodunfatoyinbo The next thing to do sir, is to step down from the position of senior pastor. But I know you know this sir and the church is in fact already making arrangements for this because anything contrary to this would be unconscionable, corrupt and anarchical. In proper states, governments, working systems, businesses and organisations even in the circular domain, the leader in question will step down first. INNOCENT OR NOT.
The only thing I want to hear on Sunday is pastor announcing to the church that he is stepping down and not a single word more to sway the emotions of the congregation or encourage them to defend on social media or even any sermon from him. Someone else can take the word. TILL THIS WHOLE THING CLEARS AND WE CAN SEE ROAD!! But hey, Like I said, I know they will do the right thing. Now, ‘Should in case’ He doesn’t step down, or he preaches a sermon, or just maybe the church organisation does not know the right thing to do, then I am calling on all well meaning human beings, all well meaning Christians, truly called Pastors, to raise their voice on all social media platforms with this hashtag, #PastorStepDown and demand for the right procedure to be followed till the whole matter is resolved. On all social media platforms.
I humbly implore ALL @cozaglobal members to watch the entire 4 parts of @busoladakolo account with a pure and human heart. Watch with the intention to listen. See the woman speaking. SEE HER.
May we all operate in wisdom and love. Madness is not Nigeria’s surname. May Nigerians be free from slavery. The truth will stand up.
By the way we need CAN and PFN to step into this matter. I believe these associations are regulatory bodies of Christian churches too. Please bring the table out in the open.


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