‘Tender an apology or I will sue you’ – Kemi Olunloyo threatens sex enhancer seller Jaruma

Media woman Kemi Olunloyo is set to sue Jaruma for using her family name in a sex advert should the sex enhancer seller not apologize.

Kemi called for Jaruma to retract the inappropriate post or the sex therapist risks legal action.

In a video, Jaruma had mimicked Kemi Olunloyo while discussing how to have sex during pregnancy.

Reacting to the video, Kemi stated that it is a mockery of her noble family name and if Jaruma does not tender an apology soon she will ensure she loses her IG page as well.

In Kemi’s words;

I have been accused of taking down a lot of FAMOUS Instagram pages. This is because I know about FB community standards. I know how to flag, suspend or permanently disabled a page on Facebook and Instagram.

I will not mention those that have mocked my work and my family name in the process because they wrote apologies and vowed never to let it happen. 48 hours ago, I gave you followers the opportunity to advertise your business FREE on a network post here. I got to know many of your businesses. I have always WARNED people, don’t degrade me or my brand in the name of COMEDY. I run a very popular global news, views and information brand @hnnafrica
and #KemiTalks
Hauwa Mohammed runs a sex brand @jaruma_empire She has spent a lot of money on ads on IG and possibly got a lot of clients. Linda Ikeji ruined my business by writing that I threatened bloggers with a gun, a false story that made me lose a N30M Etisalat deal in 2013.

I forgave her, Iyabo Ojo lied under oath in her jealous quest to prevent Apostle Suleman from giving another actress Vivian Metchie a car, wrote a fake letter switching the real pastor’s name to Ibiyeomie having the Rivers pastor arrest me 3 times persecuting me for half a year in prison with my child @richkjtmusic living in my neighbour’s boys quarters for Christmas 2017. I lost $5M and @hnnafrica shut down.

Because of these greedy women who destroy other people’s lives, I suffer psychological/financial problems. I’m almost at my boiling point. The last thing I need is my work and brand continuously degraded. I could take Linda and Iyabo to court ANYTIME to collect huge damages now that I’ve seen their assets. I’m not stupid!

Hauwa do NOT joke with my live Journalism report format to boost your biz and diminish my family name. It is a RESPECTED ELITE name in Nigeria. It is NOT a comedy routine. Omololu-Olunloyo is my father’s legal name. Americans have never done this to my name. Olunloyo means we won victoriously in Oyo Empire something my ancestor did. Pls write an apology post and remove the video or I will file a libel case for monetary damages in Federal High Court, Ring Rd Ibadan on

Monday morning.

Dr Kemi Olunloyo