”Why I Betrayed Abiola And Decided To Pitch My Tent With Abacha” – Abiola’s Running Mate, Babagana, Reveals

''Why I Betrayed Abiola And Decided To Pitch My Tent With Abacha'' - Abiola's Running Mate, Babagana, Reveals


Babagana Kingibe, the running mate of M.K.O during the June 12 presidential election in 1993 has shared that he decided to pitch his tent with the late military dictator, Abacha, because of national interest.

Babagana who has been view as a traitor for making such a move made his opinion known while at the Borno’s government house in the early hours of today.

In his words:

“I have addressed this issue of why I joined Abacha’s government and so on,”

“I know we won the elections on June 12, 1993. I know that injustice was done when those elections were annulled but there is always one guiding principle in my public life which is that the national interest supersedes any other considerations. All my actions have been informed by this consciousness of what is best in the national interest.”

“When we think of the collective good, there are times when we have to sacrifice personal interest and join hands in rebuilding society and bringing peace and harmony to our people.”