#BBNaija 2019 Housemates May Face Severe Punishments For Disregard Of Rules

Big Brother Naija 2019 Housemates may face severe punishments for flagrant disregard for House Rules because Biggie has had enough.

BBNaija 2019 housemates
BBNaija 2019 housemates

According to report, some of the Housemates have flouted the House Rules, leaving Biggie with no option than to chose the Thursday Task Presentation to express his dissatisfaction to the Housemates.

Briefly before the announcement of the outcome of the Thursday Task Presentation, Biggie had taken time out to give them a new one.

Biggie lashed out at the Housemates for being poorly behaved, blaming their poor performance on their inability to drop their egos at the door and recognize that leaders need good followers.

Biggie also called out Sir Dee, Jeff, Thelma and Diane for the continuous use of other languages without interpreting, which was deemed as insensitive to other Housemates.

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The failure of the Housemates to adhere to simple instruction earned them more reproach from Biggie.

Biggie was displeased with their mischievousness during the Freeze session.

The Housemates were fond of finding comfortable positions to be in when the Freeze announcement gets made.

Not only do they find a comfortable position to undertake the Freeze exercise, they whispered to one another during the session.

Also, the Housemates were fond of sharing what was discussed in the Diary Room with each other.

Not just that, they constantly talked about the viewers and their perception while trying to play to the camera.

Let’s just hope they’ve learnt their lessons.