Daddy Freeze Says MFM Doctrines Are AntiChrist-Like

Popular, controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has called out authorities of the Mountain of Fire Ministries’ authorities over its doctrine he described as antichrist-like.

Daddy Freeze
Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze alleged that the act of praying for a member’s enemies to die is an antichrist doctrine, as Jesus Christ instructed Christians to pray for their enemies to prosper, and even lend them money whenever they need it.

Daddy Freeze advised the church to reconsider its doctrines as regards prayer.

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He wrote;

Dear MFM,
Kindly consider the following scriptures before your next prayer session.

Please if you pray for your member’s enemies to die, STOP IT!
Instead, teach your congregation to pray for their enemies to prosper and encourage them to lend their enemies money whenever they need it, expecting nothing in return, as Christ instructed us to.

Anything outside this is an Antichrist doctrine! ~FRZ

Daddy Freeze


  1. To be frank with you I don’t see what’s wrong with what ex president olusegun obansonjo said, he is only expressing his opinion just like anybody else, its democracy, freedom of speech. And we know the reality on ground of in security in the nation,I believe that when people criticized ur govt they only want u to rule them well for good,after all they are the one that elected you, you did not elect ur self. so u are accountable to them, the former president Jonathan also receives critism when things are not going on well. So pls let’s not attach any political sentiment about it, because insecurity is a big national issue we all have to deal with.


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