Nigerians React To Senator Elisha Abbo’s Apology

Senator Abbo
Senator Elisha Abbo

It is no longer news that embattled member of the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Elisha Abbo, has issued an apology, following the brawl he had with a shop attendant at a sex-toy shop in Abuja.

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Nigerians have, however, turned down the apology by saying irresponsibility cannot be solved by a mere apology.

Some even went on to point out that his apology was devoid of remorse.

What Nigerians are saying:

I see no remorse in his apology sef. 😈👿👹

— Saidi Olaide Isiaka Esq. (@laidemoxie) July 4, 2019

Rubbish apology.. That’s how all of them will commit atrocity and form a crying apology on air… Gerarahia man

— Ade_Ade (@adeforrealz) July 4, 2019

You cannot behave irresponsibly and think you can solve the problem by merely apologising

— Shehu Malami (@shehumalami9) July 4, 2019

Even if you decide to forgive this Senator of a guy…once you watch that video again you will definitely want to take back the forgiveness..that man is heartless and that must be his default settings…you don’t deserve forgiveness but punishment

— Chigozie Diho Uzoma (@_Diho) July 4, 2019

I share the same view. He is not remorseful. He will still do the same thing if he is sure of not been caught. A senator that cannot tender apology without reading from a prepared speech. Shameful!

— Agbenyo Innocent Yamusa (@YamusaAgbenyo) July 4, 2019


  1. A graven mistake the law makers should avoid is to discharge this issue of national concern. He cried, Yes! but that’s to still keep his job. That guy should face the law or I’ll assume our law making chambers has lost their credibility.

  2. I stand with the senator at this time of his trials, he did the right thing to apologize for his actions, worse things happen in this country nobody apologize for that, I see the truth in his face while apologizing.