Rare Photo Of A Four-Legged Chick In Kenya


Four legged chick
Two-day-old four-legged chick in Umala village in Ugunja, Siaya County

The people of Umala village in Ugunja, Siaya County in Kenya were thrown into a bit of confusion and excitement after a four-legged chick was hatched in the home of one a poultry farmer.

Mr Ezekiel Okoth received countless visitors who came to catch a glimpse of the two-day-old chick with extra limbs.

Okoth revealed that the chick was hatched together with other chicks, but stood out as the only one with extra limbs.

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Speaking on the incident, Daniel Ochieng, Okoth’s brother, said the case is especially confusing, especially since all the eggs were under the same condition during the incubation period.

“All the eggs were under the same condition during brooding and we can’t tell why one chick is different from the others,” said Mr Ochieng’.

However, some Zoologists in the past have disclosed how such incidents could occur, referring to it as  – polymelia – are normal in nature and not miraculous.

Polymelia is a birth defect which causes a creature to have extra limbs which are often deformed.