“An Empty Vessel Makes The Loudest Noise,” – Venita Gossips About Tacha

A little argument erupted between Venita and Tacha over food wastage.

Mercy, Enkay and Venita
Mercy, Enkay and Venita

Mercy, Enkay and Venita had a talk about food on Monday,  August 5 which gingered the latter to air her opinion.

The actress and mother of two was seen ranting about Tacha, Seyi and Mercy being the ones who frequently visit the kitchen the most.

Seyi, however, did not attack her but not Tacha, who must have heard Venita as she passed by.

Tacha responded,

“If you’re going to be talking about people like that, please count me out”,

“Stop mentioning my name.” She concluded.

Immediately, Venita abruptly stopped talking and went back to the garden to her gist partners especially Frodd where they complained about certain Housemates who felt that they could get away with anything in the House.

This statement impressed Frodd, who quickly chirped in, ‘Some people ate three different meals yesterday’ referring to Tacha, Seyi and Cindy, because these three have literally made a home of the kitchen.

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Referring to Tacha, Venita said ‘An empty vessel makes the loudest noise’ because she wondered why a certain Housemate believes that shouting every time makes you a star.

Watch the video below: