Police Arrest Officer Who Said Nigeria Is Being Ruled By Evil People

A police officer, Sunday Japhet, who said Nigeria is being ruled by evil people, has been arrested by the Yobe state police command.

The arrest was confirmed by Sunmonu Abdulmaliki, Yobe commissioner of police, but however withheld details of the arrest.

The arrested officer revealed before his arrest how he was owed salaries, noting that he wished he and his colleagues could organise a protest over the incident in order to attract public sympathy.

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On August 4, he wrote via Facebook: “O God! My country, so, is it that if mobile police on special assignment did (do) not protest and tell the whole world that they have no been paid, police authority or federal government of Nigeria will not pay them? I pray this very protest on 14 will bring attention of those has good in mind to speak for us.”

In another post, he wrote:

“This is Nigeria, with a president who wants to fight corruption and tackle insecurity, with his vice who claims to be a man of God without truth, with many elected senators, with IGP that we think things will change (under him), it’s a pity for them. ”

“Those that lead this country, I pray that this demonstration that is going to happen on 14 /8 in Maiduguri, Yobe, Adamawa and other places that mobile police on special duty are going to hold for their allowances the beginning of something in this great country led by evil men.

“We are inviting all the media to be there for us, this people call their self leaders are all aware that this money use to be in some people joint account to get interest,then after 3-4 month they pay, no one will say he don’t know what is happening that this money is not paid. God will come down himself to help Nigerian if really this is Buhari handling this country this way, I better die for truth then to be, seeing nonsense.

“All that people fear is death, death, what nonsense? Is Buhari grandpa or grandma alive? Is Osibanjo grandpa alive? Is everyone that ever lead this country alive? That’s show everyone will die and I’m sure of it. Then, what nonsense death are people afraid to stop them not to say the truth for God sake?”

“The activities of illiterate so-called army (soldiers) of a country Nigeria is out of hand. I swear, we have to just make a revenge mission, You are a liar if you say soldiers can stand mopol (mobile policemen). We are not ready to listen to our officers saying ‘calm down’ while so-called army officers are defending their boys. Those guys can’t just be killed leaving their families to suffer like that.”