‘Standing For Jesus Nowadays Attracts Fierce And Vicious Attacks’ – Nathaniel Bassey

'Standing For Jesus Nowadays Attracts Fierce And Vicious Attacks' - Nathaniel Bassey
Nathaniel Bassey

Gospel artiste Nathaniel Bassey has shared his thoughts on the way many see religion these days.

According to him, anye who talks about Jesus nowadays almost immediately gets fierce and vicious attacks.

Reacting to a sermon on ‘Boldness’ preached by Bishop Okonkwo of TREM, Bassey said;

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BISHOP MIKE OKONKWO (aka Big Daddy) shared this morning, in my opinion one of the most important word THE CHURCH NEEDS RIGHT NOW. *****BOLDNESS****
It’s no news that standing for Jesus nowadays attracts fierce and vicious attacks. These days we have to apologize for virtually everything and anything we claim to believe. You can’t speak about somethings because you’d attract STONES. “I and my Father are one. Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.”

John? ?10:30-31? ?KJV?? . So ministers of the gospel many times have to be DIPLOMATICALLY CORRECT just to be liked. More especially these days of social media. We have to adopt all sorts and forms of tact just so we don’t step on toes sharing biblical faith. As Bishop taught today, it was amazing to see that the saints in the early church preached the gospel with BOLDNESS. The references were just so much. So I call on every minister and believer to please find that message.  It did something to me as I listened.

God bless you.