Dino Melaye To Buhari: “If It’s To Travel Out To Chill In The Name Of Medical Check Up, You Will Be Number One

Dino Melaye
Senator Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye has replied to President Muhammadu Buhari’s tweet in regards to the recent attacks against Nigerians in South Africa. He advises the Nigerian President to take lead for once.

President Buhari tweeted in regards to the attacks in South Africa on Tuesday. Unfortunately, some concerned Nigerians and the controversial senator, Dino Melaye did not find his response good enough.

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Buhari said; “I am sending a special Envoy to President Ramaphosa to share our deep concern about the security of Nigerian lives and property in South Africa, and to ensure that the South African Government is doing everything within his power in this regard.” Buhari tweeted.

In response to his tweet, Dino replied, “If it is to travel out to chill in the name of medical check-up, you will be number one. Time to grow balls and head out to address important matters affecting your people, you want to send envoy. Were you not once a general??? Take the lead for once!!!”.