“We Need Bags And Cartons Of Weed, Alomo, Dry Gin To Fight Insurgents” – Nigerian Soldier (Video)

A Nigerian soldier, Emmy Benison has called on fellow citizens to supply him bags and cartons of weed, alomo drink and dry gin to enable him fight insurgents.

Emmy Beninson
Nigerian soldier, Emmy Benison

According to the soldier, who is on war front, he wants to be on the same level of madness or even higher to be able to accomplish their mission.

In his words,

“Sometimes aside weapons all we need is for you guys to start contribution for our head so we fit buy bags and cartorns of weed,Alomo,dry gin,Kai kai..govt no go give us dat one o😃we need to be on the same level of madness with this bastards or even higher but on a serious note,90% of soldiers cannot fight this battle with a clear head….no be normal people be this”

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See his full post below:



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