Pastor Chris And Pastor Benny: Leading A Global Christian Family With An Unbreakable Bond

Pastor Chis Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn share a unique, loving partnership that transcends friendship. 

In a recent video that has had viewers transfixed, Pastor Benny Hinn declared that “Pastor Chris and I are wonderful friends. In fact, we’re more than friends we’re really family”. 

Watch this moving video clip here and you too will be gripped by the emotions Pastor Benny expresses towards his friend Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Famous friendships

There are many themes in the Bible and the one that stands out is that of friendship.  We have examples of earthly friendships that are so beautiful they reflect the Divine Glory.  In Samuel 1 18:3, we read that “Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as his own soul.” This family affection can be felt when Pastor Benny Hinn reveals his love for Pastor Chris in that video.

They have worked together for many years now, and their collaboration and covenant are a model to be replicated. Their television ministry work is a joy to behold and their partnership is based on mutual admiration. Pastor Benny Hinn shows admiration and respect for the ministerial work of Pastor Chris and is included just like a member of the Oyakhilome family.

When Pastor Chris’s dear mother Angelina flew in to meet Pastor Benny on his show, she thanked and praised God for bringing these two dynamic preachers together. She went on to thank God for keeping her alive to witness their glorious relationship” These are the blessings of a gracious loving mother. Pastor Benny replied that he loves her son just like he reaffirmed in the video you have watched. It was a profound and tender moment so see the warmth of a family friendship extend through the generations.  

Working together to deliver the Gospel

The brotherly love of Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny was seen at the World Evangelism Conference that they cohosted recently in London. Not only did they inspire the participants to be the “Sons of God,” but they also demonstrated how close they are as they shared a world platform. The build-up to this momentous event was exciting and the delegates were waiting to receive inspiration about how they can spread the words of the Gospel to their own community.  

This conference aimed to build a global family of believers which Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny have been doing for many years now. They stood and worshipped together illuminating the path of leadership, their dynamic partnership being an example of evangelism in action. Those who came to further their understanding of ministry were able to immerse themselves in the example of experienced Pastors. 

Furthering the friendship

Their enduring friendship was demonstrated as Pastor Benny officiated at the wedding of Sharon Oyakhilome and Phillip Frimpong. Sharon is the younger daughter of Pastor Chris and a talented gospel singer. For this most momentous of family occasions, Pastor Chris chose his friend to sanctify the union of his daughter. The friendship Pastor Benny talks about in the video clearly runs two ways. Anyone watching can see the great joy in the ceremony and many were moved to tears by its beauty. This glamourous event was reported in many news outlets and enjoyed by the members of Christ Embassy Church worldwide.

As Pastor Benny reminded the couple “God is bringing you together for ministry. Ministering to the Lord is what releases His power. When you begin ministering to the Lord together, miracles will begin to happen for you.” They were both overwhelmed by the power of the ceremony. The spirit of the Lord resides within the joyous couple. As they are joined together the Holy Spirit is strengthened as are all those family members and special friends who took part in the ceremony.

Pastor Chris acknowledged this with these heartfelt words, “thank you for the amazing message you have given to them, you put your word into their lives. Thank you for confirming your word”. This is the act of a loving family member as expounded by Pastor Benny Hinn on this recent video.

Meet my teacher

Continuing through the video Pastor Benny Hinn says, “Dear Pastor Chris is an amazing man I’ve gotten to know him really well and I love everything I see about him.” Together they are teaching Gospel “in the way it should be, displayed and preached” as Pastor Benny explained whilst commending Pastor Chris’s teachings. This is evident in another collaboration, LoveWorld USA. This online television ministry communicates the message of the Gospel just as Pastor Benny Hinn says during the video segment. 

Pastor Benny Hinn in concluding his video implored his viewers to listen to “one of the greatest Bible teachers I know”. Of course, he is referring to Pastor Chris. He goes on to say “I mean he is deep, right on point, right on target and you sweet people can download all of his teachings on his digital library.” The endorsement he gives to the teachings of Pastor Chris is empowering. Click here to download the teachings of Pastor Chris and follow the instructions of Pastor Benny Hinn.