Twitter Explains Why President Trump’s Account Is Yet To Be Suspended


Twitter has finally given a reason as to why President Trump’s Twitter handle is yet to be suspended.

According to Twitter,

“We focus on the language of reported Tweets and do not attempt to determine all potential interpretations of the content or its intent,” Twitter said in a blog post.

The blog post is coming in the wake of a series of controversial tweets from Trump that saw Sen. Kamala Harris, condemning him.

Harris is a Democrat representing California and running for the party’s nomination for president. Harris went on to ask that Twitter suspends Trump’s account.

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“Trump’s tweets about the whistleblower represent a clear intent to harass, intimidate, or silence their voice. His blatant threats put people at risk and our democracy in danger. His account must be suspended” Harris wrote in an open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The company has since shared a series of “enforcement scenarios” under which Trump’s account can be suspended which includes the promotion of terrorism, clear and direct threats of violence, posting private information or intimate photos, child sexual exploitation, or promoting self-harm.