“Why I Visited Several Churches For My Healing” – Woman With Short Bulgy Arm Speaks Up

The woman, who went viral on social media after videos of her several healings in different churches surfaced, has been identified and answers to why she did it has been gotten.

The woman with the short bulgy arm and the CKN News Editor
The woman with the short bulgy arm and the CKN News Editor

The woman had an interview with the Editor In Chief Of CKN News, Chris Kehinde Nwandu where she opened up about what made her seek “deliverance “ from churches.

The woman introduced herself as Mrs Bose Ola and she is from Ibarapa, in Oyo State.

Speaking about how her hand got dismembered, the woman said she had a domestic accident at home about 2 years ago

The woman also revealed that she had visited several churches within and outside Nigeria in search of healing but the ailment often relapses after two days.

“Once they heal me ,I feel no pains but after two days after, the pains returns, the reason I continue visiting various churches for a permanent healing.”

When asked how many Churches she has visited, Mrs Ola said she couldn’t recollect.

The woman also said she met Prophet Chris Okafor of Liberation Ministry through her sister in law and they hadn’t met prior to that time. 

When asked what the experience has been since her encounter with him, she said:

“I am perfectly alright now,I am permanently healed, since my last encounter with him ,I’ve not felt any pains again ,it is almost six days now (lifting up her shirt sleeve to reveal the hand),

I no longer feel pains and I am permanently healed (although the hand as noticed by CKN News was still dangling from the upper joint ).”

CKN News further asked her if she was telling the truth or she still has plans to visit other Churches for more “divine healings” but she responded saying,

“No ,I won’t ,I am sure this current healing is permanent”

The woman also said she didn’t collect any money from any of the pastor for the healing and she went on to thank Pastor Okafor for making her healing permanent.

Lastly, she pleaded with Nigerians stating that  She did any money from anyone, neither did any Pastor offer her money for the healing and the stories being peddled about her is not true.



  1. So now, all the wailers can rest in peace, all those who think God is not and see the devil in all. Healing is received and sustained by faith. If you don’t believe it, that’s your headache


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