Nigerian Women Don’t Understand Basics Of True Love – 23 Year-Old Man

A 23 year-old Nigerian man, Isa Sulaiman claims Nigerian women do not understand the basics of true as he has opted to marry his 46-year-old American lover, Janine Sanchez soon.

Isa Sulaiman, 23, and his lover Janine Sanchez, 46
Isa Sulaiman, 23, and his lover Janine Sanchez, 46

The young man met his older lover, who is a chef in California, on popular social media platform, Instagram but they recently had their first physical contact after the mother of two flew into Kano penultimate week.

Speaking in an interview with BBC Pidgin, Isa chastised Nigerian women for not knowing the true meaning of love.

In his words,

“Di truth be say our women no sabi wetin be true love, it is either dem dey eye somthin or dem get plans but if white woman tell you say she love you, bros she mean am from di bottom of her heart.”

“We meet after i start to follow her for instagram and if she post pishure i go like am, den afta small time I come see say some Yahoo boys dey try scam her, so I send her message say make she no mind those pipo so dat tin come attract her, e show her say na honest pesin I be. Na dat one first attract her.”

“From dia we come dey chat wella, video calls and na all dat one lead us to this level wey we dey.”

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Isa also revealed that his family are in support of his marriage to Janine and he is now planning to wed her in March before moving with her to America.

“Afta di wedding for March by God’s grace na US straight for dia I go get work, go back to school na just secondary school i stop and hopefully get soccer team wey i go play for.”

Janine, on the other hand, expressed her excitement on how she has been treated since she arrived in Nigeria saying,

“I don meet im family more dan 100 of dem and e sweet me say all of dem gree for us to marry, many of dem neva see white woman before, na so dem come dey play wit my hair, dey touch my hand.”

The chef also revealed she will travel back to the US next month and return in March for their wedding.

“I dey go back by next month and I go return for March for our wedding before me and am go move to America finally.”