Coronavirus Delaying Lagos-Ibadan Rail: NRC Boss

Mr Jerry Oche, the Lagos Railway District Manager, has backed claims by Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transport, claim that the outbreak of coronavirus might affect the timely completion of the Lagos-Ibadan rail project.

Speaking with newsmen on Friday, he stated that this is so because the project is handled by the China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation (CCECC) and most of the workforce handling the project are struck in China where the outbreak of the virus is predominant.

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“The simple question we should ask ourselves is what do we want? Do we want to be infected with the Coronavirus because we want to meet the time for the completion of the project?

“Or we prefer a situation where the Chinese takes care of themselves and get over the epidemics before coming to complete the project so that we all be safe and healthy?

“The project we are talking about is for the living people not for the dead. If the Coronavirus should infect us, how do we handle that?” he said.

“If the project is going to be delayed and we are safe of this disease, I think it is better. Even, if they come and carried the virus, they won’t be able to do the work.

“It will now be double jeopardy for the country. We will be running from pillar to post to contain the spread and the work will be stopped also. Safety is still the first,” he said.