Fuji Legend, Obesere Explains Meaning Of ‘Egungun Be Careful’ (Video)

Fuji legend, Obesere, in a recent interview with Boom Buzz, explained the meaning of his trending song, “Egungun be careful na express you de go”.

Fuji Legend, Obesere

The singer revealed he released the song 19 years ago and it is a warning or a slang.

The Fuji singer, whose full name is Abass Akande Obesere, explained that a masquerade’s face is masked and he needs a guide to lead him.

Thus, when the guide and the masquerade were heading towards the express, the former tried to warn the latter about the express road by calling him “Egungun” because his name cannot be exposed but the masquerade failed to listen so he got knocked down by a car.

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Watch the video below:


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