Why I Am Now Scared Of Exposing Celebrities – Stella Dimoko Korkus

Popular blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus has taken to her page to reveal the reason she is now scared of exposing celebrities.

Stella, who is known to break all sort of scandalous news about celebrities wrote;

” EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY…..All these Instagram blogs that spring up with breaking news every day without investigating well,please be careful. If you get inbox messages and quickly rush to post, even if the story is true, can you defend it? Do you know what the person who gave u the story stands to gain? be careful so you don’t become the fall guy for anyone.

“The guy who spread the video and naked photos of a married celeb has been arrested and is in jail awaiting trial. The Lady equally a celeb who allegedly paid him to do the story is free and ranting up and down.

“In cases like this, do you rat out your sources so they go down with u or u keep quiet and drown alone? Whatever choice U make at this stage will drown u..if someone circulates a naked photo to you don’t spread it on.

“Some of you will come here and be telling me I don’t break stories anymore and I am no longer hot. Who cares about being hot and breaking stories now when you can be killed or jailed? The way I used to break stories and now are different. Things have changed and one must use Solomon’s wisdom.

“When you get into trouble for writing a story the same people who applauded u will drag you and ask if the story was your business. You will be called jealous, ugly, wicked and all sorts. I no longer break certain kinds of stories becos journalism and the social media has become too dangerous and nowhere is a hiding place.”