As A Christian, If You Contract Covid-19, Don’t Misjudge Yourself: T.B Joshua

T.B Joshua
T.B Joshua

Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua says Christians can be infected by the coronavirus adding that ”it is just like another affliction”.

This was in response to questions from different people on his Facebook page.

A particular Facebook user had asked the cleric if a real Christian could contract COVID-19, since many have read on the internet that true Christians would contract it.

According to the individual, many were worried because there were many people they knew as Christians and pastors who had contracted the sickness and some have even died.

The Prophet while answering the question said `Capital YES!’

The pastor explained that Christians should not make the mistake of thinking that they could not be touched by the pandemic.

“God often uses ‘anything’ to preserve us and to strengthen our desire and determination.

“A Christian can be sick in the body and yet be a friend of God or a candidate for Heaven, so don’t let your situation mislead you and cause you to start doubting your God.

“This should be the reason for you to look deeper, pray the more and dream of other ways you might have ignored the leading of God’’.

“The rich should not concentrate on their pains or riches and the poor should not concentrate on their pains or poverty because a man may be afflicted or poor and yet be a candidate for Heaven,” he said.

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“As a Christian, what you see as COVID-19 or affliction, God may sometimes allow it as a test of one’s faith.

“Often we run from the very things that will bring strength to our lives, such as trials and afflictions of various kinds, all of which are meant for our spiritual benefit.

“They are to test (our) maturity. A true Christian is tested by his ability to face situations and deal with difficulties.

“As a Christian, if you contract COVID-19, don’t begin to misjudge yourself by worrying, ‘Am I really a Christian? Why me?

“Don’t worry about whatever people say, if truly you are a Christian.

“God wants you to pray more because what we see as a disadvantage in our lives can be turned into an advantage. God is still saying something!,” he said.