Buhari Will Determine When To Relax Lockdown: Minister

President Buhari
President Buhari

The health minister, Osagie Ehanire says President Muhammadu Buhari will use his own discretion to determine when to lift the lockdown imposed on the nation.

Speaking during an interview on Channels television, he added that he would make his decision based on fact and figure submitted to him by relevant authorities.

“The President will make that announcement in his own time. We will give him the facts, he will consider the facts and make his own announcements using his own wisdom,” the Minister said.

“What happens is that every country, you balance the medical and the health-related benefits from the economic-related benefits because you have an economy you don’t want to kill and you also have the health side that you don’t want to destroy.

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“It’s a very delicate balance which you need to do. All countries do that; it’s not only in our country. Even in the United States, they have that debate all the time. Do we open the economy now or do we not open it now?” he said.