Coronavirus: FG Hints On Date For Ending Lockdown

The federal government of Nigeria has stated that depending on how Nigerians behave during the initial 14-days lockdown, the nation may or may not head for a further lockdown over the novel coronavirus.

According to Lai Mohammed, the minister for culture and information who spoke on behalf of FG on Friday, he stated that if Nigerians do not behave well during the initial lockdown, then an extension is imminent.

He said:

“If we don’t behave ourselves, there is likely that the lockdown will be extended, but if we behave ourselves, there might not be an extension and I hope we do so.

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“If we stay at home for two weeks and we are doing everything we are supposed to do, we should be able to effectively contain the disease.

“Therefore, my appeal to Nigerians is that they should obey the directive on social distancing, personal hygiene and shun gatherings; after two weeks, we will resume our normal life.

“But if they think it is a joke, then we may have to stay at home more than the two weeks,” he said.


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